• Softly Spoken

    Softly Spoken

  • The Angels Share

    The Angels Share

  • Road of The Loving Heart

    Road of The Loving Heart

  • La Vida Buena - The Good Life

    La Vida Buena - The Good Life

  • Moments of Time

    Moments of Time

  • Dancing Hands

    Dancing Hands

  • Lammermuir


  • Winged Spirit

    Winged Spirit

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The world premier contemporary Celtic harpist


Throughout her albums, Phamie Gow’s diverse range of musical talents (multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, producer, Musical Director) and her collaborations with other world class artists has brought a strong new breadth of undeniable talent to the world. With Gow’s creativity and new ‘sound’ it is safe to say that she has created a new movement in the genre of celtic/classical/world cross over music through her innovative compositions on the harp and piano. With her first album released at the age of 19 she made a strong and lasting impression. At an early age Phamie was already described as “an extraordinary talent” by the ABC and “a definite rising star” by Classic FM. Her sixth album “Road of the Loving Heart” goes further to establish that, making a huge and emotive impact on new wave Piano composition of the 21st century. She has most recently been described as being “one of Scotland’s most unique talents” by Ian Smith of Creative Scotland, and ‘a GENIUS composer’ by Peter Seivewright, Internationally known concert pianist.

Phamie is currently the number 1 most played artist in Cafe Nerro (UK) and is regularly featured on radio around Europe, Australia, America, and the UK including Classic FM, Europe’s most successful and commercial classical music radio station.

Phamie is featured regularly on Europe’s largest commercial Classical music radio station, Classic FM

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“Number 1 most played artist.” 

-Caffe Nero


“one of the countries most musically gifted artists.”

“quickly becoming a household name.”

-Entertainment Focus


“a star of the highest order”

-Nigel Gayler


“One of Scotland’s most unique talents”

-Ian Smith, Creative Scotland


“a GENIUS composer”

-Peter Seivewright. International concert pianist.


“Phamie is a treasure for not only Scotland today but in the world.”

-Ashley Macisaac